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CrossFit Kids

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CrossFit Kids
By Sophia

CrossFit Kids Homework:
According to the video what is the cue taught at the CrossFit Kids Trainers Course to fix the deadlift back position?

Define "Filibuster"

If a man and a half can catch a fish and a half in a day and a half, how many fish can six men catch in seven days?

A triangle has one of its angles measuring 80 degrees and the other two angles of equal value. Find the values of the other two angles.

Obese Children Struggle With Joint Pain
By Mary Brophy Marcus

According to the article what percentage of children are overweight? The added weight is likely to decrease their desire and ability to do what that would help them lose weight? Because of the extra load on the joints what are the children more likely to develop as adults?

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Posted by Jeff Martin on 11/07


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