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The New 2012 CFK Lesson Plans for Middle and High School- Teen and PreTeen are now available in the CrossFit Kids store.

• Our early ancestors predominately consisted of hunter-gatherer types, ensuring the “Running Man” as a standard of fitness for their survival.
• If you did not run, you did not eat.
• Individuals who could out run & out plan their peers would survive
-Dr. John Ratey-

Exercise and the brain - the crucial connection!

Skill Day Homework:
According to what is taught in the CrossFit Kids Trainers course what are the weight limits that should be used when teaching a movement in the CrossFit Preschool class? What size weights should be used in the workouts?

Define "Vicariously"

4(-2/3 + 5/3) + 7

From the article above:
How does exercise optimize learning?

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