Saturday, October 28th - P.T. Test!

CrossFit Kids - Kipping

CrossFit Kids action photo - Crossfit_kids_pull_upsdelaney

P.T. Test

Max Sit Ups (1 Minute Time limit)
Shoulder blades on ground to sitting position
Feet can be held

Max Push ups (To Failure)
Chest and thighs touch ground at bottom
Full extension of arms at top
Resting may occur in top position holding plank. Breaking from the plank at anytime the test is over.
(Young kids may use 90 Degree rule)

Max Pull ups ( To Failure)
Full extension at bottom to chin over bar

Broad Jump (Distance)
Measure distance covered

Complete the test and report your scores here!

Posted by Jeff Martin on October 27 2006 at 09:10 PM

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