Monday, October 16th - Funky Fran

CrossFit Kids - Delaney at Sage Burgeners Seminar

CrossFit Kids action photo - Crossfit_kids_delaney_seminar

Funky Fran

Big Dawgs:
Heaving Snatch Balance X 20-25#
Pull ups

The Porch:
Heaving Snatch Balance X 20-25#
Pull ups

Heaving Snatch Balance X 10-15#
Pull ups

Heaving Snatch Balance X PXC pipe
Beginner Pull ups

Heaving Snatch Balance X PXC pipe
Beginner Pull ups

Race you to the Car ? 
An article on competition in this months CrossFit Kids Magazine

"Michael Yon is a former Special Forces operator who retired from the U.S. military but still visits American troops around the world, writing about what they do. Yon has his own Web site. Before he began posting reports on the Internet, he wrote about his life in a book called “Danger Close,” and one of the things he says in that book was that when he was in the Army, he could do 47 consecutive pull-ups.

Yon does not say whether those were CrossFit-style kipping pull-ups, but it’s interesting that he remembered the total number, don’t you think? The reason Yon remembered is because he and his buddies used to have pull-up contests............ 

.........Almost two hundred years ago, the Duke of Wellington, one of the few generals to defeat Napoleon and his armies in combat, declared that the famous Battle of Waterloo was “won on the playing fields of Eaton.” What the Duke meant was that his British soldiers learned teamwork and determination as boys playing games in the schools from which many of them had graduated."

What are your thoughts on competition?

This months CrossFit Kids Magazine is now available on line!
CrossFit Kids Magazine

Posted by Jeff Martin on October 15 2006 at 07:14 PM

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