CrossFit Kids Curriculum (PreSchool)


The CrossFit Kids Preschool Curriculum has been set up to provide structured and progressive lessons for young children who are experiencing a critical period for amassing gross motor skills. Each Block of classes consists of lessons that address the crucial developmental markers for preschool aged children while maintaining the highest standard for physical fitness that is the trademark of CrossFit programming.

Preschool programming is focused on the development of gross motor skills, basic strength and addressing the need for bone and vestibular development.

The First Block of Classes consists of lessons that require little to no equipment (with the exception of a bar and/or rings).
Included in Block A are squats, opposite arm & leg coordination, skipping, jumping and grip strength development.
Block B begins work with the least complex movements, without weight or with PVC/wooden dowels, including rolling, spinning ( vestibular focus) balance and planking ( midline stability) followed by Blocks C and D which continue to incorporate the fundamental and foundational movements, that will be built upon in later life. Proprioceptive activity is developed throughout the program.
These Curriculum include links to twelve recent issues of the CrossFit Kids Magazine. (Oct. 2008 through Sept. 2009)

Duration and Configuration
Forty Eight 20 minute Classes - Configure as needed.
(some class duplication is intentional, for the purpose of retention and embedding)
Twelve Classes per block, Four Blocks
12 weeks of 4 x per week
16 weeks of 3 x per week
24 weeks 2 x per week or
48 weeks 1 x per week

As with all CFK Curriculum, the curriculum assume basic knowledge of CrossFit movement and methods and CFK progressions and cues.
CF Level 1 and CFK Certifications are highly recommended before implementation.

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CrossFit Kids Curriculum (Pre-School)

CrossFit Kids Curriculum (PreSchool)

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