CFK Teen Gauntlet Competition at The Arnold

March 4, 2012

Please register here:

and read the FAQ below:

Gauntlet FAQs
(1) How do I register for the Gauntlet?
Visit and follow
the instructions.
(2) What is the minimum age to compete?
An athlete must be at least 13 years old to compete. There are no exceptions.
(3) What is the maximum age to compete?
An athlete can be no older than 18 and must still be in high school.
(4) What is the age break down for the three divisions?
Novice: 13-14
Junior Varsity: 13-16
Varsity: 13-18*
*For athletes under age 17, Varsity ranking is contingent on demonstrating safe
execution of Rx’d weighted movements. Registered athletes will be contacted via email
with details on submitting a video for our assessment.
(5) How do I determine if my teen athlete is ready for this competition?
The athlete must be able to consistently perform a variety of workouts as Rx’d on at the designated level: Varsity, Junior Varsity or Novice.

(6) Is there a fee to register?
Yes. The cost to register as an athlete for the Gauntlet is $25, all of which benefits Infant
Swimming Resource (ISR,
(7) What kind of equipment should athletes bring to the event?
Athletes should arrive at the Gauntlet as if coming to a CrossFit class. Be prepared for
all things CrossFit. A Gauntlet athlete’s go bag should include at least hydration and
nutrition sufficient for the event’s duration, athletic tape and/or wrist straps, chalk, and
jump rope.
(8) When will the WODs be announced?
Registered athletes will receive a description of movement standards prior to the event.
However, WODs will be revealed at a time and place of our choosing.
(9) Are you going to have any competitions in my area?
The Gauntlet competition series intends to reach as many CrossFit athletes as possible as
and when it is feasible. Information on that will be forthcoming when available.

(10) Do coaches and parents have to register too?
Not at this time.
(11) Do coaches and parents have to pay for entry to the event?

(12) Who do I contact if my question hasn’t been answered here or if I require additional
You can email CrossFit Kids Teen Competition Director Dan Strametz:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
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