Open Competition- CrossFit Kids Challenge

Saturday, February 21st 2009

CFK and Teens - Open Competition ”Jackie” February 21st, 2009

Prize will be free attendance at a CrossFit Kids Certification Seminar,
one adult and competitor.

One prize will be given in each category.

Enter a category by capacity and exposure not age. ( Age will be considered in judging)
Workout must be done on or before Feb 21st. Submit video.
Video is required to claim prize for all categories.
Submissions should be emailed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Include, Name, Age, affiliate (if applicable) contact information and category entered.


Big Dawgs

Row 1000M
50 Thrusters 45#
30 Pull ups

Row 1000M
50 Thrusters 35#
30 Pull ups

Row 500-750M
35 Thrusters 20# - 25#
20 Pull ups/ or Beginner Pull ups

Row 250-500M
25 Thrusters PVC - 15#
15 Beginner Pull ups

Unfortunately we cannot have "winners" in sub categories for prizes, but we can show/announce winners in sub categories with final results postings...

Substitutions are as follows:
1000M = 100SDHP
750M = 75 SDHP
500M = 50 SDHP
250M = 25 SDHP

weight for SDHP is same as thruster weight used.

3-2-1 GO !


Porch Category Winner
Name- Tabitha
Age - 17
Affiliate = CFK Oklahoma City
Contact = Jeff or Melissa Burks
Category = Porch
Time = 17:01 (with 37#)

Porch Category Honorable Mention
Name - Cameron
Age - 10
Affiliate = CrossFit Monrovia Kids
Contact = Kate Hunt
Category = Porch
Time = 18:05

Pack Category Winner

Age 14
Affiliate = CFK Oklahoma City
Contact = Jeff or Melissa Burks
Category = Pack
Time = 7:04 (with 22#)

Puppies Category Honorable Mention ( Subbed SDHP, No Rower)
Name :Tirzah Lloyd
Age :8 yrs old
Home Gym CrossFitter: no affiliate-- (the "CF Shed" and yard)
Category: Puppies
scaled as follows
50 SDHP with 10# DB
25 thrusters with 5# DBs
15 pull-ups

Time: 5:18
Congratulations to all of you who participated great work !
More videos will be posted soon
Posted by mikki martin on January 06 2009 at 03:14 PM