Issue #36 November 2008

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 3 Issue #36

CrossFit Kids action

A Ghoulish WOD Kate Hunt of CrossFit Monrovia A fun Halloween based team workout.

Building Blocks Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ- Another template for a CrossFit Kids Class and an
Advanced CrossFit Kids Class

Three NEW CFK WOD's Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ

Focus on CrossFit Kids Community The successful program of CFK Bellevue, a CrossFit Brand X Kid and
New CrossFit Kids Affiliates in Central Oregon, Texas, and Monrovia, Sacramento and Hollister California.

Footie Workouts- Mark Beck and Karl Steadman of CrossFit Manchester "Kelly Smith"
A runny, fractured fran-ish WOD.

Girls & Heroes CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens perform Benchmark Workouts. This month we feature Fran.
Includes a video link.

Obesity: Counting the Costs Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ "...Obesity related health issues are on the rise, and the accompanying health care costs are rising with them." "...International health statistics reporting on 29 developed countries indicate that over 20 percent of countries reported have an obesity rate of over 20%..."

Revisiting the Push up- Plank Games Gaining Strength for the Push up Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ
Includes a video link.

Running an Outdoor CrossFit Kids Program Kate Hunt of CrossFit Monrovia Kate discusses the variety of advantages to an outdoor program and has solid suggestions to address challenges.

Transferrable Character Traits derived from CrossFit Training Steve Toth of CrossFit Brand X "...It is the variety that (I believe)
offers the young participant the most transferrable benefit to other aspects of life. The constant variety requires the participants maintain flexibility, develop strategies and implement actions that will help them achieve peak performance. "

Weighing In on Food & Peer Pressure Debbie Rakos of CrossFit Brand X "...At school there are very few healthy options. Although they will ship in fresh doughnuts daily, the lettuce in the salads is wilted and old." "...How hard is it for a teenager to eat the fruits and veggies they brought from home while their friends are munching on French fries and milkshakes.. ? "

Also Featuring: Rowing Workouts/Wee Kempie Chris Kemp of CrossFitNorthEastEngland, Kids Kettlebell WOD/KB Snatches and bodyweight exercises Davie Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland Game of the Month/The Tortoise and the Hare Mikki Lee Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ , Teen Challenge/ Consecutive Atlas Pull ups, Team Training/NEN Team Tag Mikki Lee Martin of CrossFit Brand X
Back Cover : Carson rocks out pull ups his first day !

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