Issue # 33 August 2008

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 3 Issue #33 August 2008

CrossFit Kids action

Building Blocks Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ- Another template for a CrossFit Kids Class and an Advanced CrossFit Kids Class

Common Overuse Injuries In young Children and Adolescent Athletes Charles Wispert of CrossFit Augusta A thorough description including growth plate concerns,accelerated long bone growth and the associated muscle and tendon tension,stress fractures, shin splints, Osgood-Schlatter and Sever disease, strains and sprains.

CrossFit Kids 101 Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ Human Energy Systems, Anaerobic Metabolism, The Role of Lactate
Recent groundbreaking studies support theories of lactate as fuel for the body.

Four "Blast from the Past" Workouts Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ

Focus on CrossFit Kids Community New CrossFit Kids Affiliates start programs for kids and teens in Oklahoma, North Carolina, Maryland, Washington, Kentucky, Arizona, Texas, Utah and Georgia. Training tools for little ones from CrossFit Kids Austin.

Footie Workouts- Mark Beck and Karl Steadman of CrossFit Manchester "Arshavin" and Robbie Keane"
includes an intense 21-15-9 Dip, Jump and Knees to elbows followed by....

Kids Health & Fitness In the News
Fitness lags as kids grow up

Lesson Plans Excerpts from the new Pre-teen & Teen Lesson Plans Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ

Selecting The Right Trainer Stewart Venable of CrossFit Results "... training children, you are more likely to face a more unique set of challenges, requiring a great deal of patience and flexibility. There is a diverse group of kids at the average affiliate. They range in age from 4 to 18
and their reasons for attending are as different as their personalities.."

Why Does Sleep MatterPart 3 in a series by Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ "...The ability to concentrate and learn,storage and recall of memories, the regulation of moods and physical performances are all impacted by how much one sleeps. Yet, reports indicate our children are sleeping less, and it is estimated that 15-20 percent of children have some type of sleep disorder."

Also Featuring: Rowing Workouts/Wall ball and back extensions and Viking Cindy Chris Kemp of CrossFitNorthEastEngland, Kettlebell Workout/KB Angie, Barbara and Cindy David Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland Game of the Month/Medicine Ball Minefield Mike Abruzzo , Teen Challenge/Max burpees in 5 minutes, Team Training/Max simultaneous Squat & Run
Back Cover : Play Day at the San Diego Zoo
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