Issue #28 March 2008

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 3 Issue #28

CrossFit Kids action

Building Blocks Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ- A template for a CrossFit Kids Class

CrossFit Kids 101 Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ Human Energy Systems Part 2 ATP (includes child friendly version)

Five New WOD's Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ Five new workouts ( power snatches, power cleans, power cleans & jerk
are emphasized this month)

Focus on CrossFit Kids Community Henry H.. of CrossFit Kids Ocean City Henry 12, ..." I love CrossFit because it is helping me to be a better athlete in my favorite sports like LaCrosse, surfing, basketball and soccer." Includes video link of Henry jumping to 44" box.

Footie Workouts- Mark Beck and Karl Steadman of CrossFit Manchester send soccer fans and players "Fabregas" and "Adebeyor" style workouts

Girls & Heroes- CrossFit Kids & Teens do Benchmark Workouts "Jason" and little Jason includes video link

How to Start A Youth Strength and Conditioning Program Jermy Thiel of CrossFit Central and PowerPlant Athletics "Youth Strength and Conditioning programs are necessary for developing a young athlete's skill and desire inside competitive athletics." Aspects to consider, creating momentum for a program and models for 8 week or 1-2 week programs are discussed.

Steve's Club - Non Profits and CrossFit Kids Steve Liberati of Steve's Club CrossFit Kids Camden " I started Steve's Club about a year ago in a large Section 8 housing complex in Camden, N.J. Named America's most dangerous city twice by the City Crime Rankings...trying to thrive in such an environment can be an uphill battle..." ( Steve is our hero donate and help send Steve's Club Athletes to the 2008 CrossFit Games )

The Challenge in The Blue Box Kyle Alexander of CrossFit Kids Portland On teaching Martial Arts and CrossFit Kids at a local school."...Some of my most overweight kids trying to rack up points as hard as the fittest kids in class..."

Also Featuring: Rowing Workouts/Chris Kemp of CrossFitNorthEastEngland, Kettlebell Workout/Kettlebell Sprints David Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland Kids Health& Fitness in The News/School officer gives teachers lesson in fitness
Game of the Month "Build & Move A Fort" Mikki Lee Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ, Mini Page Just for Kids/Crossword Puzzle
Team Training/Teams OHS/FS/BS/BoxJump Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ, Teen Challenge/Max number Flying or Clapping Pullups
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