Issue #27 February 2008

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 3 Issue #27

CrossFit Kids action

Box Jumps Coach Jeff Martin Of CrossFit Kids HQ on Box Jumping
Includes video link.

Building Blocks Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ- A template for a CrossFit Kids Class

CrossFit Kids 101 Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ on Energy Systems (includes child friendly version)

Five Box Jump WOD's Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ Five new workouts with box jumps

Focus on CrossFit Kids Community Courtney D. of CrossFit BrandX Courtney 10, shares her excitement about CrossFit

Footie Workouts- Mark Beck and Karl Steadman of CrossFit Manchester send soccer fans and players "Ballack" and "Wright-Phillips" style workouts

Girls & Heroes- CrossFit Kids & Teens do Benchmark Workouts "Dueling Heavy Elizabeth" includes video link

Kid's & Weightlifting: Dispelling The Myths Coach Jeff Martin and Cyndi Rodi Of CrossFit Kids HQ

The Precision Jump Jesse Woody of Primal Fitness on The Precision Jump

Why Games ? Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ The benefits of including a game in classes and CrossFit training with young children

Also Featuring: Rowing Workouts/Chris Kemp of CrossFitNorthEastEngland, Kettlebell Workout/David Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland
Game of the Month "Dragon Tails" Mikki Lee Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ, Mini Page Just for Kids
Team Training/Dazed and confused Barabara Mikki Lee Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ, Teen Challenge/Handstand Push up on Rings

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