Issue #23 October 2007

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 2 Issue #23

CrossFit Kids action

Asthma & Kids Part III Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Brand X Third in a series about Asthma and young athletes.
Exercise Induced Asthma.

Building Blocks Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Brand X A format and template for a basic CrossFit Kids Class

Connor's Corner Connor Martin of CrossFit Brand X The Pit Kahala Certification Day One

CrossFit Kids 101 Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Brand X Balance

Focus on CrossFit Kids Community Dawn Heusser of Petranek Fitness/ CrossFit Los Angeles Four year old Sydney talks about workouts with Mom. Dawn on working with Sydney and some excellent tips for working with kids. Also featuring pictures from the recent Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser at CrossFit Kids Brand X.

Five Spooky WOD's
Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Brand X Five new workouts

Footie Workouts Mark Beck and Karl Steadham of CrossFit Manchester Two new contributions "Walker" and "Sharpe"
Conditioning for the young soccer player.

Girls & Heroes Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Brand X Kids and Teens do CrossFit Benchmark Workouts
This Month Courtney and Connor do "Jackie" and "Lil' Jackie." Includes Video Link.

Kid's Kettlebell WOD Davie Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland with Video Link

Mini Page Mikki Martin of CrossFit Brand X Just for kids, a Workout submitted by kids, Cueing question, Drawings of basic movements.

Rowing Workouts Chris Kemp of CrossFit NorthEast England Kempie sends some Rowing Workouts from across the pond.

Self Defense Coach Jeff Martin and Sifu Dan Strametz of CrossFit Brand X An outline for working with kids

Sumo Deadlift High Pull Nichole Dehart of EveryDayAthlete Teaching the movement to kids, using two phases and simple cues.
Includes Video Link.

Also featuring: Game of The Month/Four Square and Freeze Tag, Kid's Health & Fitness In the News/ Why some kids don't like Teams,
Team Training/Sprint Shots and Video Links, Scrappy's Soccer/Three on Three Soccer

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