Issue #21 - August 2007

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 2 Issue #21

Asthma & Kids Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Brand X First in a Series about Asthma and young athletes. History and physical description.

CrossFit Kids 101 Part V Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Brand X Agility

Connor's Corner Connor Martin of CrossFit Brand X On Starting Strength and CrossFit programming.

Five WOD's for the dawg days of summer Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Brand X Five new workouts featuring "Upside down Helen"

Fixing Common Mistakes in Common Movements Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Brand X The Deadlift

Focus on CrossFit Kids Community Sam, Kate & Brock Independant Home Gym CrossFitters also featuring CrossFit Kids Iowa

Get Ready for Cindy Age divisions and Scaling for the Open Competition August 25th-31st

Shock Treatment Mikki Lee Martin of CrossFit Brand X Changing the conversation about Childhood Obesity

Also Featuring Game of the Month/CrossFit Hopscotch, Kids Health & Fitness in the News,Team Training/Juke Drill-Speed & Agility, Footie Workout from CrossFit Manchester, Kids Kettlebell Workout from CrossFit Central Scotland, Scrappy's Soccer/David Beckham Soccer Academy

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