Issue #19 - June 2007

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 2 Issue #19

CrossFit Kids 101 Part 3 - Cyndi Rodi and Mikki Lee Martin of CrossFit Brand X- Flexibility

Five WOD's for June 3-2-1- Go ! Courtesy Rob Miller of CrossFit Santa Cruz and Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Brand X

Fit, Fast & Strong Jodi Monroe of MtBakerCrossFit A CrossFit Basketball Story

Focus on Community CrossFit Kids Teams and the Trevor Win"E Memorial Day Challenge, CrossFitOrangeCounty, CrossFitMarina
and CrossFit Brand X

Footie Workout Karl Steadman and Mark Beck of CrossFitManchester Gazza and Raul

Keeping Kids and Teenagers Safe-Part IV The Protection Process Coach T.J. Cooper of CrossFit East on Gavin De Becker

Kid's Kettlebell Workout David Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland

The Sit Up Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Brand X Common Sit up issues with kids, coaching tips and corrections
includes Coach J's Tummy workout.

You Either Get It, Or You Don't Cyndi Rodi some excerpts.... "I am a walking billboard. I should have "CrossFit works tattooed across my forehead......a few weeks ago I climbed the rope for the first time. I was jumping up and down, celebrating like a kid.
Edward Hall has described culture as a selective screen through which you see the world.."

Also featuring, Connor's Corner /Conditioning for a Martial Arts Test, Affiliate Tip from Skip Chase of MtBakerCrossFit
Kid's Health & Fitness in the News, Team Training, Game of the Month "Rat Race", Scrappy's Soccer on Flexibility

CrossFit Kids Magazine
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