Issue #18 - May 2007

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 2 Issue #18

CrossFit Kids 101 part 2- Cyndi Rodi and Mikki Lee Martin of CrossFit Brand X- Strength

Found Object Fitness- Patrick O'Hannigan Home Gym CrossFitter
Seeing with CrossFit eyes, finding ways to create outdoor workouts
without equipment.

Childhood Obesity- The Pain of Invisibility Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Brand X
The psychological and social impact of obesity on children.

Five WOD's for May Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Brand X Five Workouts

Keeping Kids Safe- The Test of Twelve Coach TJ Cooper of CrossFit East on Gavin de Becker

Kettlebell Workout for kids David Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland

The Footie Workout Karl Steadman and Mark Beck of CrossFit Manchester
Two new Soccer Workouts

Video Links- Three new videos !

Also featuring Connor's Corner / Wrestling Workouts, Affiliate Tip from Sue Ady of CrossFit Rockford
and Home Gym Tip, Focus on CrossFit Kids at DPL CrossFit Vancouver
Game of the Month CF Zombie Tag, Team Training/Sports Conditioning

CrossFit Kids action
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