Issue #45 August 2009

CrossFit Kids action

A Story of Brain Injury and Progress Corrie Dunkin of CrossFit Grants Pass A truly remarkable story written by the mother of an incredible young girl, Casen, who suffers from a brain injury. She has made phenomenal progress through applying CrossFit Kids and serves as a motivator for all who read her story.

Brain Breaks for Academic Success Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ Cyndi explains some of the research behind the claims that classroom success increases when children and teens are physically active with intense exercise sessions appearking to produce the most striking differences

Building Blocks: A CrossFit Kids Advanced Class Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ A template for a CrossFit Kids Advanced/Teen Class

Building Blocks: A CrossFit Kids Class Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ A template for a CrossFit Kids Class

Building Blocks: A CrossFit Kids PreSchool Class Coach Jeff Martin & Debbie Rakos of CrossFit Kids HQ A template for a CrossFit Kids PreSchool Class

Footie Workout Mark Beck & Karl Steadman of CrossFit Manchester Includes a workout named "Santa Cruz" after Santa Cruz Beach soccer

Indoor Rowing - The Perfect CrossFit Connection for Kids by Terry Smythe Concept 2 Master Trainer An article dedicated to improving your rowing and tips on how to incorporate more rowing games with you kids

Girls & Heroes CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens perform Benchmark Workouts. This month we feature CrossFit Teens completing "Agile Elizabeth", which includes frosome feet work on the agility ladder
Includes a video link.

Kids Kettlebell Workout Davie Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland Including a Kettlebell version of the Filthy Fifty

MMmm Good Meals - Healthy Child Friendly Recipes Michele Vieux of CrossFit Invictus Mini meat loaves and a snack that will have you begging for more

The Death of the Three Sport Athlete - Part 2 Dr. Darrel White A continuation from the July Magazine with a more in depth discussion on the death of three sport athletes in college sports

Three CFK Summer WOD's Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ

Also Featuring: Game of the Month/Zig Zag Ball Drill, Rowing Workouts Chris Kemp of CrossFit North East England, Teen Challenge/Max 15' rope climbs in 3 minutesMikki Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ, CrossFit Kids Community featuring Mitch of CFK Fairfax.

Back Cover: Dave Leys of CrossFit Santa Cruz in Nambia, Africa where he and a team built a playground for an orphanage.