Issue #32 July 2008

CrossFit Kids Magazine Volume 3 Issue #32

CrossFit Kids action

Building Blocks Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ- Another template for a CrossFit Kids Class and an Advanced CrossFit Kids Class

CrossFit Kids 101 Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ Human Energy Systems, Metabolic Pathways Part 6 The Oxidative Pathway

Five CFK Summer Pool Workouts Coach Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids HQ Ever try a poolside muscle up ?
Tabata intervals with exercises in and out of the pool ?

Focus on CrossFit Kids Community CFK Corona - Michelle Wilson's grows a program while Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties inquire about CrossFit Kids Affiliates and CFK East County contributes the "Hungry Hippo" game

Footie Workouts- Mark Beck and Karl Steadman of CrossFit Manchester This month featuring "Pirlo"
featuring a tough combination of Front Squats, Sit-Ups, Push Press.

Girls & Heroes- CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Kids advanced classes do a variation of the benchmark workout Diane, we call "Walking Diane"
Includes video link.

Mariah of CrossFit Marina On her experience at a CrossFit Kids Certification.

Neuromotor Development- Bridging the gap between illness and fitness Kelly Brown of CF Agoge "...neuromotor pathways and the tremendous window of opportunity that occurs in childhood for cultivating effective movement patterns. I was struck by the paralells between this concept and the kids I had seen in the clinic for whom a lack of exposure to the right stimuli had not only deterred optimal function but actually resulted in dysfunction or even injury."

What Is Sleep/ Sleep MattersPart 2 in a series by Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ The five stages of sleep and the necessary adjustments to sleep during different stages of childhood and adolescence.

Also Featuring: Rowing Workouts/combined with Power Snatch, Muscle up progressions,SDHP Chris Kemp of CrossFitNorthEastEngland, Kettlebell Workout/One handed swings with SDHP David Easton of CrossFit Central Scotland Game of the Month/CrossFit Jacks- includes video link Darby Darrow , Mini Page Just for Kids/Hanna Cleghorn of Inverness submits a WOD, Teen Challenge/Max OHS in 2 minutes, Team Training/from Coach Rut's blogspot The Fitness Conduit, Box Jumps and Dumb bells
Back Cover : Connor Martin, last rep of "Heavy Grace" at the 2008 CrossFit Games