Starting CrossFit Kids

General Guidelines
CrossFit Kids is created as a tool for parents, teachers and Coaches to use with their kids.
We expect that kids will look at the site, be excited and motivated by the videos and pictures,
but that a parent, teacher or Coach will be helping to monitor and guide them through the workouts.

It is important to keep in mind that just like CrossFit, sometimes a workout will hit your strengths
and you can do it as Rx'd, other times it hits your weaknesses and you have to scale or modify.
For the kids, this means that even though on some days they are Big Dawgs
another day they may be in The Pack or on The Porch.

Descriptions follow for each group that may be posted, Big Dawgs, Porch, Packmembers, Puppies and Buttercups.


This is a scaling we would use at CFK HQ in our CFK Advanced /Teens Class, either kids with long exposure to CF (at CFK HQ we have kids who have been CrossFitting 7 years, 3-4 times a week ) or with older kids or teens who have had a year or more exposure to CrossFit, and consistently show technical mastery of the movements in class and with intensity.

Junior Varsity

Intended for Young Teens who have been doing CrossFit Kids regularly and have mastered the movements.
Usually one to two years experience with CrossFit Kids.


Intended for Young Teens who find that the Pack workout would be too easy,
but cannot quite handle the weight and/or reps of the Big Dawg workout.
Generally 10-12 year olds with a year or more experience with CrossFit Kids workouts.


Intended for 7-11 year olds who have been doing CrossFit regulary and in the first year of Crossfitting, or young teens who have been deconditioned.


Intended for ages 5-8, any advanced beginners during the first 6-12 months of CrossFitting, or older kids who are deconditioned.


Intended for kids ages 4-6, beginners during the first 6 months, or any extremely deconditioned kids.
This group can also be used as an introduction to the movements and for younger kids who want to follow along with an older sibling.


CrossFit Kids - CrossFit Kids do  Kettlebell DeadLifts


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